“God doesn’t just want us healed, He wants us WHOLE!” 

This Anthology comprises the journeys of eight women who courageously decided to share their stories of pain, brokenness, and distress in the most authentic, transparent, and vulnerable way. These women have decided to suffer in silence no longer, hoping that their obedient faith will inspire other women to share their stories and truly begin to live the abundant overcoming life that’s available to us through Jesus Christ.

It’s time to allow God to use your past pain for His present purpose so that YOU can walk forward – boldly and freely – into your future! Join us on the journey from Healing unto Wholeness.


colored intentions — A Poem Book

by. marisha murphy

Life on a mission
Finding Purpose in what seems to be a purposeless world
Pushing pass your addiction
For self-crucifixion
Walking a new path a bit narrow and curled
Most situations are never just black and white
Most people have the ability to change
So excuse the Colored Intentions because
evolution requires that you don’t stay the same


Beauty for ashes

by. nicole e. holmes

Beauty for Ashes: The Story Behind the Breakthrough 

Have you ever wondered if all the hell you have gone through was even worth it? If the old clichés “There’s purpose in your pain” or “Everything happens for a reason” are even true?

Well, on this journey called life you’ll discover, just like Nicole did, that they are in fact very true. Everything you face, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is necessary to get you to a place where you’ll discover just who you are and what you’re made of.


lived through hell

by. zarria alexander

There are many obstacles to overcome in life. Some will be harder than others but all will make a difference. All the hardships I faced in my life made me who I am today. In order to remain strong, you have to remind yourself that everything is okay even when it seems it is not. Sharing your story can be a terrifying thing, but your given testimony could save someone’s life. In the words of the great Carlton Weekly, “Made this for the people who feel hopeless.” This book is devoted to all those who feel alone. If you’ve ever faced rape, abandonment, betrayal, or heartbreak – You are not alone. Live to tell your story. 


From darkness to destiny

by. felicia kirksey

From Darkness to Destiny is about Felicia’s personal journey of drug addiction, hitting rock bottom, and experiencing unimaginable loss. From almost losing her children to the system to completely losing her dignity, self-worth, self-respect, and almost her life — Felicia tells her story of God bringing her out of a “dark place,” a destructive lifestyle, family dysfunction, and 5 years of addiction, into 27 years of sobriety and a life that is fulfilling, stable, and rewarding.  


Think: i am whatever i think

by. a’keen brand

There is a ‘KEEN THINKER IN YOU DIEING TO BE ACTIVATED. This is a book of questions and provocations to help you hone what you think and define who you are. This book has the potential to be, simultaneously, one of the most unsettling and easy reads of your lifetime. If we have done our work and we believe we have, this series of curated questions will stir you, unravel you, encourage you, and affirm you with each turn of a page. We want to get you thinking -keenly.


The #Buildwealth challenge

by. jasper smith

The #Buildwealth Challenge is here to change the way you THINK and FEEL about money. The 8 challenge questions in this book require you to do one thing…be honest! Once you come to terms with your current financial situation, it will be easier to move forward on your #buildwealth journey. This book will provide you with the fundamentals. If you can take these lessons and apply them to your financial situation, you will begin to see progress immediately. 


The Passion is Pursuit Devotional

by. Cassondra Lenoir

With this 40-day devotional, Cassondra Lenoir will help you to discover and pursue who you are and what you were created to do.


From nothing to new york

by. Cassondra Lenoir

They say there’s a “preparatory process before every promise” but how much does one person have to endure to reach their “destination?” Sacrifice. Loneliness. Brokenness. Homelessness. Death. Delay. Denial?




Everyone Has A Story  was written to encourage readers to embrace their story and embrace their life. We have all been through something at one time or another that has led us to a place of embarrassment, or comparison, when in actuality each and every one of us has a story to tell.

This memoir is about someone who struggled with overcoming what she endured, including losing both parents and the many other test and trials that are attached to life. But, through the process of healing, Lisa Nolan learned that every heartache, disappointment, and stumbling block was used to guide her into the next leg of life’s journey.



PLANNER: Everyone has a story

by. lisa nolan

Everyone Has A Story PLANNER  the perfect companion to the “Everyone Has a Story” novel – helping you to map out your life and get things in order! 


journal: Everyone has a story

by. lisa nolan

A companion to the Everyone Has A Story memoir, only this time – it’s time to TELL YOUR STORY! This self-guided journal will lead you through a journey of purpose and healing. So, be free and be honest. This journal is only yours.

Think of this journal as your discovery room. Within this room, you will be sitting face to face with yourself. Be open. No one is watching and even if they are…so what?! This is about you. This is your story! Just remember to love you the way You love the world.


Style and Grace: The Power of Dreaming


This is a story encouraging every young dreamer to ALWAYS follow their dreams and to never give up because DREAMS DO COME TRUE!